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This item is in stock.
Titles by this Artist: MYTHOS
Titles by this Label: ALU-Alula Records
Catalog #: 3011
Released: 2/12/2008
List Price: $10.98
Allegro Price: $5.49  50% OFF
You Save: $5.49
# Units: 1
UPC: 723721330958
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Mythos, the duo of Bob D'Eith and Paul Schmidt, specialize in artistic music that blends electronic rhythms and lush synthesizers with acoustic sounds and occasional multi-cultural influences. PURITY, their first album for Alula Records, revels in the hallmarks of the band, featuring a dreamy, beat-driven soundscape where vocal samples, piano and guitar swim amidst mood-heavy synth backdrops. Like fellow chill-tronica producers B-Tribe, Mythos often explores Spanish themes on PURITY, folding Latin-tinged wordless vocals and flamenco guitar into the mix on songs like "Alten Maria" and "Andalucia." "Dream" exhibits the group's flair for soft, stirring melodies and "Mizo's Gift" melds sparkling bits of piano with a lush rhythms and soft strings for a marvelously soothing effect. This is an album filled with details and nuance that suits it well for repeated listening.

Item Details
Written and performed by pianist Bob D’Eith and guitarist Paul Schmidt, the music Mythos makes is hauntingly beautiful and otherworldly.

Purity is the Vancouver-based duo’s latest CD release, and it continues their unique musical fusion. Veteran jazz bassist Rene Worst teams up with worldbeat percussionist Pepe Danza to ground Mythos’s seductive melodies with sensuous, juicy rhythms. Another Vancouver-based jazz stalwart, vocalist Jennifer Scott, contributes ethereal, soaring vocals to the evocative mix, and violinist Cameron Wilson and cellist Finn Manniche add hypnotic string embellishment to this edition of the band’s singular sound. Mythos has sold over 100,000 recordings over the course of three previously released albums. Mythos, Reality of a Dreamer, and Eternity share a similar artistic focus with the recently released Purity. Each features surrealist, dream-like illustrations in the cover artwork, underlining the recordings’ singular sound and vision.

Featured Artists
Bob D’Eith: piano
Paul Schmidt: guitar
Rene Worst: bass
Pepe Danza: percussion
Jennifer Scott: vocals
Cameron Wilson: violin
Finn Manniche: cello

“Guitarist Paul Schmidt and keyboardist Bob D’Eith compose instrumentals that pack quite an emotional wallop of melodic and rhythmic structuring. Instead of tonal ambiguities, the due fashion tight and potent romantic poems that draw as much upon flamenco

Audio Samples
Tracks are Windows Media Player links( Tracks are Windows Media Player links )
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Track Preview 1. Purity
Track Preview 2. Surrender
Track Preview 3. Alten Mara
Track Preview 4. Andalucia
Track Preview 5. Icarus
Track Preview 6. Adagio
Track Preview 7. Mizo's Gift
Track Preview 8. Deus Ex Machina
Track Preview 9. Dream
Track Preview 10. Mystique
Track Preview 11. Triste



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