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Click For All Steven Halpern Titles
Best Selling Steven Halpern CDs

Steven's best-selling albums are a great way to begin your experience of 'The Inner Peace EffectTM' .
  Let the experience and enthusiastic feedback of hundreds of thousands of people like you simplify your choice.

View Steven Halpern's entire catalog here

Click image to order!

Deep Theta 20:
Brainwave Entertainment Music For Meditation And Healing

“In the rapidly expanding niche genre of brainwave entrainment soundscapes, Steven Halpern once again shows why he is the acknowledged master of the art. Deep Theta is both more listenable and accessible than anything else on the market today.” — Leading Edge Review

Back in 2011, Steven Halpern took listeners on a voyage into the blissful realm of theta brainwave frequencies. This return trip to that peaceful plane is even more powerful than the first journey. Whereas the predecessor covered a range of frequencies that spanned from 4 to 8 Hz, this album retains 4 Hz across the board. This is the deepest range for theta brainwaves, making for an extra powerful dose of these meditative brainwaves.

Click image to order!

Deep Theta:
High Coherence Soundscapes Music plus Aural-Sync™
brainwave entrainment technology

“Deep Theta takes brainwave entrainment and balancing soundscapes to a higher octave of coherence, bliss and healing.” — Leading Edge Review

Adding brainwave entrainment technology to healing music amplifies the benefits of the music itself. Taking advantage of the well-documented 'frequency-following effect', DEEP THETA allows you to tune your brain' to the theta range of brainwave activity associated with deep meditation, enhanced healing and heightened creativity.

Click image to order!

Sleepscape Delta
Music plus Aural-Sync™
brainwave entrainment technology

“Your sound solution to sleepless nights!”

“Insufficient Sleep is a Public Health Epidemic!”— CDC (3/17/11)

You can fall asleep easily, and awaken relaxed and refreshed. If you’re one of the 65 million of us who have problems sleeping, you need to try this CD.

Click image to order!

Drive Time Rx
With Subliminal Affirmations

Wouldn't it be great if you could listen to beautiful music -- fortified with an Auto Audio AdditiveTM -- that could automatically decrease your stress?

Well now you can! This breakthrough program combines specially composed music and suggestions that harness the power of your subconscious mind. This CD supports you in being more in control of your physical and emotional state, regardless of road and traffic conditions.

This CD was featured in a recent article on ABCnews.com.

Click image to order!

Chakra Suite

The #1 best selling chakra healing album of all time! "An essential cornerstone of any personal Sound Healing Library" —Amazon.com/CDNow

CHAKRA SUITE balances the chakras and assists optimal health and healing by stimulating each vital energy center with the corresponding sound frequencies.

Working with the principles of cellular resonance, biological harmonics and intention, Steven Halpern's award-winning composition effortlessly, easily and enjoyably evokes your natural "relaxation response."

CHAKRA SUITE (previously released as Spectrum Suite) has sold over 650,000 albums worldwide and has been voted "The most influencial New Age/healing album."

Click image to order!

Music for Sound Healing

A masterful anthology that delivers the "healing feeling" and demonstrates why healing music is an important component of alternative and integrative medicine.

This 20-year retrospective provides a perfect introduction to the ways Steven orchestrates sound, time and space to relax the body, quiet the mind, and uplift the spirit.

With grand piano, electric piano, flute and harp. Featuring Steven's inner peace-ful arrangement of Pachelbel's Canon in D Major.


Click image to order!

Sleep Soundly
With Subliminal Affirmations

Now you can fall asleep quickly, easily and safely, without drugs...and awake more refreshed in the morning. This program adds theta and delta "sonic entrainment" tones to heighten the effect.

Click image to order!

Relaxation Suite
Featuring David Darling

Relaxation Suite is the ultimate in sound healing for stress relief. The music instantly transports you to your own oasis of serenity. From the very first notes, you may notice that you're breathing more deeply. Tension in your neck and shoulders melt away as if by magic. Within moments, you feel relaxed and at peace.

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