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Climb aboard for the ride of your life! Join Ms Fizzle on fantastic field trips and enjoy outrageous adventures while you learn. Wacky and weird, this clever animated series illuminates simple science concepts for kids and turns up the fun!

Click here for a complete Magic School Bus product listing.

The Magic School Bus "Takes Flight"

Topic: Flight / Weather

It's up, up and away with the Magic School Bus! Ms. Frizzle and her inquisitive class take to the skies to learn about weather and movement in this set of fun-filled learning adventures. The program begins with "Kicks Up A Storm," which finds the class getting an up close look at clouds and storm formation… and even becoming water vapor themselves. Next, in "Taking Flight," the class shinks down and boards Tim's model airplane to find out what makes things fly. Finally, in "Hops Home," the School Bus and the kids are morphed into a mechanical frog, as they embark on a hunt for Ms. Frizzle's missing pet frog Bella. Each episode does an admirable job of educating children in basic science concepts, and using those ideas to solve problems. Lily Tomlin provides the voice for Ms. Frizzle. Includes the bonus episode "The Magic School Bus Gets Swamped." Running time: 78 mins.

The Magic School Bus "Human Body"

Topic: Human Body

There's no place that the Magic School Bus cannot go, and that includes inside the human body! This DVD compilation features 3 episodes of the Emmy-winning series that are all based on health and anatomy. In "For Lunch," Arnold gets out of having to go on a field trip, but little does he know that he is the field trip! That is, after he accidentally eats his miniaturized classmates, taking them on a journey through the digestive system. Next, poor Ralphie is sick, meaning that he cannot host the Frizzle News Network television broadcast on health. What's he to do?! The third episode is an exploration of the body's muscular system, courtesy of a trip to R.U. Humerus's Body Shop. Parents will appreciate the series' focus on making learning fun, and kids will easily get caught up in the exciting adventures of Ms. Frizzle and her class. Lily Tomlin provides the voice acting for the teacher. Bonus episode: "The Magic School Bus Gets Planted." Running time: 78 plus extras.

The Magic School Bus "Super Star Power "

Included on the DVD SUPER STAR POWER are three episodes. "Gets Planted" focuses on Phoebe who wants to grow a vine for the school play, though she gets a surprise when she turns into the beanstalk and must rely on her friends to learn how to feed her through photosynthesis. In "Goes cellular," Arnold also experiences a transformation - he turns orange from eating too many orange snacks. How can that happen? Join Ms Frizzle and the gang on an adventure in cellular biology. Finally, in "Sees Stars," the class wants to get Dorothy Ann a star for her birthday, but which? A ride in the school bus to visit the heavens is in order. Include bonus episode "Takes Flight." Running time: 78 minutes.

The Magic School Bus "Creepy Crawly Fun "

Welcome aboard The Magic School Bus! Are you ready for a wild ride? Grab a seat and hang on for three episodes of the Emmy Award-winning animated science-adventure series based on the best-selling books. It's thrilling to learn about bats, spiders, and sound! "In the Haunted House," themed after sound, features the class exploring a spooky mansion with all sorts of frightening sounds! "Going Batty" finds the class learning about bats, and fearing that Friz is a vampire. In "Spins A Web," the class is transported back in time to the 1950s, where a praying mantis is wrecking havoc on the town. Creepy fun for the whole family! Includes the bonus episode: The Magic School Bus Flexes Its Muscles.

The Magic School Bus "Blast off! From Sea to Space"
3 DVD set

Buckle up kids! The Magic School Bus is about take you from the bottom of the sea to the farthest reaches of space. Ms. Frizzle and her curious class get caught in rip-roaring adventures that require using science to solve problems, allowing children at home to learn basic concepts while being entertained. This 3-DVD set features nine main episodes and three additional bonus episodes. Included are: "Wet All Over" (water), "Ups and Downs" (flotation), "Rocks and Rolls" (water erosion), "Gets Eaten" (the food chain), "Meets the Rots Squad" (decomposition), "Gets Ready, Set, Dough" (kitchen chemistry), "Lost in Space" (the solar system), "Out of this World" (space rocks) and "Gains Weight" (gravity). Bonus episodes are "Goes Upstream," "Butterfly and the Bog beast" and "Plays Ball). The Emmy winning series features the voice of Lily Tomlin as Ms. Fizzle. Running time: 4 ˝ hours plus extras.

The Magic School Bus "Field Trip Fun and Games"

3 DVD set

Are you ready for a field trip? When you travel aboard the Magic School Bus, there's no telling where (or when) you will end up! Scholastic's beloved, Emmy-winning series offers children an entertaining means of learning about science, utilizing fun characters and wild storylines. This set focuses on topics like dinosaurs, the migration patterns of birds, honeybees and ant colonies, as Ms. Frizzle (voiced by Lily Tomlin) and her class travel trough time and space in pursuit of learning. This 3 DVD set includes twelve episodes: "The Busasaurus" (dinosaurs), "Cold Feet" (body temperature), "Goes Upsteam" (migration), "Plays Ball" (physics), "Shows and Tells" (archaeology), "Works Out" (circulation), "Gets Ants In Its Pants" (ants), "Butterfly and the Bog Beast" (butterflies)," "In A Beehive" (bees), "Gets Eaten" (food chain), "Rocks and Rolls" (water erosion) and "Gains Weight" (gravity). Running time: 4 ½ hours plus extras.

The Magic School Bus "Tales A Dive"

3 DVD set

The Magic School Bus is going for a swim! This DVD collection features three episodes that dive the class under the sea to learn about fascinating topics like coral reefs and wetlands. The first of the the three episodes is "Goes to Mussel Beach," where the kids are transformed in crustaceans to learn about tidal patterns. Next, the class learns about the value of swamps when a developer wants to turn a swampland into a shopping mall. Finally, Ms. Frizzle's pirate uncle left a treasure map and the class follows it down deep into a coral reef. Once there, they get transformed into sea creatures and get a lesson in what life is like on the sea floor. The series offers a wonderful opportunity for children to augment their science knowledge and enjoy themselves while doing it. Emmy award-winning series. Include voice acting from Lily Tomlin. Bonus episode: "Magic School Bus for Lunch". Running time: 78 minutes.

The Magic School Bus "Holiday Special"

Wahoo! Welcome aboard The Magic School Bus! Are you ready for a wild ride? Grab a seat and hang on for three episodes of the Emmy Award-winning animated science-adventure series based on the best-selling books. Watch as Ms. Frizzle transforms her magic bus and encourages exploration and discovery from the smallest cell to the largest galaxy. Episodes include "Holiday Special," "In the Artic," and "In the Rainforest!"


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