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"Inventing Cuisine" As reviewed in the Los Angeles Times

" Absolutely splendid —maybe the best food programs that have ever been made "
— Russ Parsons Los Angeles Times

Inventing Cuisine - the DVD series devoted to French culinary art. MADE IN FRANCE - ENGLISH SUBTITLED. In-depth portraits of internationally acclaimed chefs featuring exclusive interviews.

Michel Bras

La Huit Productions

Michel Bras is one of France’s greatest cooks, obtaining his third star in 2000 and rated #7 on the 2008 World’s 50 Best Restaurants chart. We will taste four dishes, cinematographically describe what we feel, then work through each dish’s culinary fabrication to the true subject of the series: investigating the ways that one invents cuisine by revisiting their space and time.

• Made in France; subtitled in English.

Pierre Gagnaire

La Huit Productions

Pierre Gagnaire is a singular chef and #3 on the 2008 World’s 50 Best Restaurants chart. He creates in a continual flux: his menu changes every month, and his dishes dayto- day, as he rethinks things while standing in front of the oven. His cuisine is created in relation to the product, its energy, and the person for whom he is cooking.

• Made in France; subtitled in English.

Gérald Passédat

La Huit Productions

A unique collection on French culinary art! Marseille inhabits Gérald Passédat, and Paul Lacoste’s fi lm shows this with affection and humor. Lacoste captures the way this renowned chef considers the sea to be his personal vegetable patch, and the way he snaps up everything it has to offer. Passédat’s Le Petit Nice restaurant was awarded a third star in the Michelin guide in 2008—the most prestigious rating in France! Bonus features include cooking tips from Gérald Passédat himself.

Made in France—Subtitled in English.

Michel Troisgros

La Huit Productions

Well before many chefs of his generation, Michel Troisgros hit on a culinary practice and culture which today lies at the heart of world gastronomy. Refusing to bend to fashion, his cuisine is unrestrained, personal, and bright, making the world-renowned Maison Troisgros resolutely modern even four decades after its inception. This tasty yet minimalist cuisine is echoed in Paul Lacoste’s meticulous direction, where handsome lighting and smart photography make the fi lm a pure delicacy.

Made in France—Subtitled in English.

Michel Guérard

La Huit Productions

Michel Guérard was one of the inventors of Nouvelle Cuisine, shaking up our habits in taste. Forty years later, his desire to “make food as a songbird sings” seems just as strong! It’s not surprising that Guérard has remained a role model for new generations of chefs. To highlight the freedom of his cuisine, inspired by the everyday as well as what’s unique about it, Paul Lacoste has chosen to have four amateurs make four of Guérard’s recipes. Their experiences show us that, if cuisine is (almost) child’s play, it also requires an element of genius.

Made in France, Subtitled in English.

Pascal Barbot

La Huit Productions

When Pascal Barbot and Christophe Rohat opened l’Astrance in Fall 2000, chef Barbot’s fare took the culinary world by surprise with its freshness, fantasy, and festivity. Eight years and three stars later, the magic is still in the air. The duo has matured, but they haven’t lost an ounce of their spontaneity or receptiveness.

To get beyond the daily routine at l’Astrance, director Paul Lacoste has chosen to capture the impressions of three young gourmet food buffs; their reactions give us insight into the curious alchemy between the dining room and kitchen, and into the attention and innocence that make this restaurant so unique.

Playable In All Regions Run Time: 62 min

Press Quotes
“A table at l’Astrance is the most impossible reservation in France. It’s even more difficult than snagging a stool at Ko, if you can imagine such a thing.” — Oliver Strand, Diner’s Journal: The New York Times Blog On Dining Out

Click to Listen and order!

Alain Passard

La Huit Productions

This film follows the famous and original chef over a period of several months, paying homage to his talent and to the beauty and harmony of his dishes, which are veritable masterpieces of the culinary arts.

Entering the culinary arts at the age of 14 the way others enter the priesthood, Alain Passard learned with the great masters before opening his own restaurant in Paris, L’Arpège, which has been a threestar restaurant in the Michelin guide for nearly 10 years now. His career is all the more exemplary when you consider how he shook up the small, conservative world of high gastronomy by bringing side dishes to center stage, eliminating the red meat on which he had built his reputation as a master chef to make the vegetable king of the plate. To accomplish this radical change, Alain Passard created his own vegetable garden in Fillé-Sur-Sarthe, where he expertly grows over 500 varieties of fruits and vegetables.

DVD includes “Cooking Secrets: Sweet and Sour Vinaigrette, Root Vegetables in a Salt Crust, and Culinary Magic.” Made in France, Subtitled in English.

Playable In All Regions Run Time: 62 min

Press Quotes “Like a musician interpreting a composer’s music, Passard sees himself as an interpreter of flavours, careful to allow their essential qualities to shine through. He faithfully conveys the essence of his ingredients, ensuring that their unique colours, flavours, and scents are retained.” — World Wide Gourmet

“Not only did Passard give up meat in early 2001, a move which made big waves in the three-star world, he rejected the entire food production chain–all the way down to the farmer–and started growing his own vegetables.” — Centurion Magazine


Nadia Santini.

La Huit Productions

After filming portraits of French chefs —all men—Paul Lacoste turns his lens on a woman, Nadia Santini. Here, as always, Nadia has her entire family by her side: her motherin- law, her husband, her two sons, and her daughter-in-law. This is cuisine Italian-style!

This film speaks about tradition, heritage, and history, but the focus is squarely on Nadia’s culinary art. Although her cuisine is often hidden behind the traditions she works to revive, her absolute sincerity reveals an unassuming pride in her work. From her viewpoint at Dal Pescatore in the northern Italian town of Canetto sull’Oglio, Nadia observes the world. In her hands, tradition is translated into a vision of modernity, offering a different approach to inventing cuisine.

• Part of the successful and outstanding series of dedicated to today’s greatest chefs.
• Made in France; subtitled in English.

Cooking Secrets:
• Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce
• Making different types of pasta
• A brainteaser seasoned with vinegar

Run Time 62 min


Olivier Rœllinger

La Huit Productions

Olivier Roellinger’s cuisine delves into childhood—his childhood. In this film by Paul Lacoste, the chef admits that he could never imagine cooking anywhere but the house where he grew up in Bricourt, a place that lies between reality and dreams. On one side, we have Cancale with its water, seascapes, wind and trails; and on the other, Roellinger’s childlike imagination with its memories of Saint Malo’s pirates and the spice race. From land to sea, from the nearby & familiar to the distant & mysterious, this installment of the Inventing Cuisine series draws us into the very heart of Olivier Roellinger’s cooking.

Part of the successful series dedicated to today’s greatest chefs. Olivier Roellinger ranks among the finest chefs of contemporary cuisine. Three stars in the Michelin guide. Winner of the 2011 Seafood Champion Award at the International Boston Seafood Show, honoring those who have made significant strides in improving practices and awareness of responsibly produced seafood. Made in France, Subtitled in English.

Quotes “The understanding of, and respect for, nature in all its manifestations that makes Roellinger’s deeply personal cuisine—and his waterside getaways—such satisfying sources of pleasure and well-being.” — Gourmet



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