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Stunning special effects, including seamless 3D computer animations and wonderful nature photography, grace these exceptional explorations of the world around us.

Harrowing footage of everything from the harshly beautiful polar realms that cap our planet to the turbulent atmosphere that surrounds us, follow the billion-year-old trail from early single-celled organisms, to the first eyes, to the first creatures to walk on land, early insects and reptiles, dinosaurs and pterosaurs, mammals and birds, and finally humans, to isolated islands, fiery volcanoes, searing deserts and soaring mountains.

Includes never-before-seen shots of exotic amphibians, birds, insects and fish. Fresh perspectives and lively narration can be found in every second of these powerful, thought-provoking presentations. Narrated by Martin Sheen. 35 minutes each.

Click here for a complete Eyewitness Series product listing.

Eyewitness: Amphibian [ DVD ]
DK Vision

Investigates the double life of creatures that live both on land and in water. Leap into the fascinating world of frogs, toads, and salamanders, and get a close-up look at the amazing variety of colors, shapes, and sizes in the amphibian family.

Eyewitness: Human Machine [ DVD ]
DK Vision

Investigates the most complex machine of all! Travel inside the body to explore the vital organs that power our lives, and the remarkable instruments through which we sense the world.

Eyewitness: Dinosour[ DVD ]
DK Vision

Takes you inside the world of paleontologists and the real-life monsters they study. Experience the process of discovery, the excitement of digging & reconstruction, and the realization of how dinosaurs lived and died.

Eyewitness: Artic & Antartctic [ DVD ]
DK Vision

Explores the incredible life and legends of these harsh and beautiful polar kingdoms. Journey to the ends of the earth, and meet the remarkable plants and animals that live in the world’s coldest habitats.

Eyewitness: Planets [ DVD ]
DK Vision

Journey through space and time, witnessing the birth of the sun and traveling to the outer limits of the solar system. “The look of Eyewitnessis dazzling.” — Los Angeles Times

Eyewitness: Reptile [ DVD ]
DK Vision

Reveals the alien world of these misunderstood cold-blooded vertebrates, uncovering reptilian facts that are stranger than fiction. From steamy swamps to dry deserts, travel the world in search of these amazing animals.

Eyewitness: Rocks & Minerals [ DVD ]
DK Vision

Rock and Mineral shatters the stone's reputation for "rock-solid" permanence. Discover how rocks keep a constantly changing record of our planet’s fascinating history, and see how minerals are at the very core of our civilization.

Eyewitness: Weather [ DVD ]
DK Vision

Weather takes you on a whirlwind tour of Earth’s turbulent atmosphere and reveals the forces that make the day fair or foul. From hurricane, to heat wave, weather is the most closely watched wild card in nature – yet it can still baffle us every day.

Eyewitness: Volcano & Earthquake [ DVD ]
DK Vision

Volcano explodes the myths surrounding Earth’s violent nature. Journey to the most inhospitable regions of the planet, where rock melts, and all life trembles. Witness the destructive effects of volcanoes and earthquakes – and the life-giving results of their aftermath.

Eyewitness: Bird [DVD ]
DK Vision

Bird takes you soaring through the sky and around the world on an exciting journey from the bird’s distant dinosaur past to its present astonishing variety. Take an up-close look at the staggering range of sizes, shapes, and habitats of these feathered creatures.

Eyewitness: Butterfly & Moth
DK Vision

Butterfly & Moth takes a flight of fancy with nature’s most beguiling creatures. See their miraculous transformation from lowly caterpillar to airborne adult, and learn why these delicate insects have long inspired and entranced us.

Eyewitness: Fish [ DVD ]
DK Vision

Fish takes you deep into the waters of the world to discover some of the most exotic creatures in nature. Take the plunge from dazzling coral reefs to the darkest depths in order to meet fish—a vast and varied group of animals, much closer to humankind than you might imagine.

Eyewitness: Pond & River [ DVD ]
DK Vision

Pond & River takes you on a twisting journey down the great rivers of the world, pausing to visit the thriving realm of the freshwater pond. Travel upstream to find civilization’s source, then down again to see the key to our very survival.

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